Frequently Asked Questions

   Why should I buy an 4-H market steer, swine or lamb at the Coconino County Fair Junior Livestock Auction?

  • To put some of the best beef, pork and lamb in the entire state into your freezer at a reasonable cost.

  • To support and encourage kids participating in the largest and most active youth livestock programs in Coconino County.  Coconino County 4-H exhibitors produce the high quality market animals of today and the outstanding citizens of tomorrow.
  •    What will be available at the Auction?

    Steers (1000 LB-1375 LB)
    Swine (210 LB-325 LB)
    Lambs (85 LB-130 LB)
    Goats (50 LB-120 LB)
    Market ready Turkey, Chicken Fryer Pens and Rabbit Fryer Pens

       How do I buy an animal and how much will it cost?

  • First, you need to register at the “Registration Table” at 2:00pm.  You will be given a Bidder Number that you will raise into the air for the Auctioneer to see that you want to bid on a certain animal.

  • You will also be given an Auction Program that will list all animals available, by weight and in sale lot order.  This provides you the opportunity to compare animals in the barn and select several alternative animals to meet your needs.  We encourage you to go into the barns and meet the young producers.

  • Steers, Pigs, Sheep and Goats are sold by the pound.  Turkeys, Chicken Fryer Pens and Rabbit Fryers are sold by the lot.
  •    What do I do with it after I’ve bought it?

    The Junior Livestock Association will make arrangements for processing. We have contracted with an Arizona State Inspected and licensed meat processing facility.  This infomation will be provided when you check out at the Auction Sales Table.  Once you leave this table you need only pick up your frozen packaged meat.

        The 2013 processing facility is Miller's Southwest Processing:

       I’d like to buy my freezer meat at the fair, but really can’t handle a whole steer or hog.

    Don’t let that stop you.  Join together with a relative, neighbor or friend and spilt the cost of the meat.  You can have cutting and wrapping done to individual needs.

       I’d like to buy an animal to help out the kids in 4-H, but really can’t use the meat.

    Great! Here’s a few options:

  • Resale-Donate the animal back to NAJLA, then your purchase is entirely tax deductible!  We are a 501C3 Corporation.  The animal will go through the resale at the end of the Auction and be resold to someone else.  The money from the resale will go directly to NAJLA to be used for Auction costs, provide NAJLA Scholarships and purchase equipment for the junior livestock auction.

  • Donate to your favorite charity; your local church, Flagstaff Food Bank, etc.

  • Have a company BBQ, another potential full tax deduction.
  •    I want to buy a 4-H market animal – when and where is the auction?!

    Saturday, September 3rd, 2016
    Registration begins at 1:00PM
    Buyer BBQ 2:00PM-4:00PM
    Auction begins promptly at 4:00PM
    Coconino County Fairgrounds at Ft. Tuthill Park, I-17 Airport Exit
    Please plan for parking time when entering the Fairgrounds, try to come early,
    we don’t want you to miss a thing!