2020 Buyer Packet

Interested in buying at this year’s event? Please download and fill out form below.  Thank you!

pdf-icon Download the Auction Buyer Packet

Register ahead of time online!

Click on the button below and select “Buyer” from the drop down menu. Follow directions!

How to Participate in the Auction

All buyers must register prior to making a bid* at the auction. Registered buyers will receive a buyer number and auction program. All buyers must fill out a Buyer’s Agreement Form. Our auction volunteers will help you every step of the way.

Which type of purchase is best for you?

1. Home-Use

An individual may purchase an animal at the auction by placing the winning bid. Your bid price is the amount you pay for the animal. Your designated processor will process the meat. Processing costs are in addition to the purchase cost.

2. Re-sale

If you do not wish to keep the meat for personal use, you will pay the bid price and donate the animal back for re-sale at the end of the auction. The re-sale value will go to the Northern Arizona Junior Livestock Association. This provides financial assistance in promoting and conducting the auction, other livestock events and scholarships.

3. Split-Buying

Form a team of business associates, friends or neighbors to purchase an animal and divide it between your team members.

*Add-ons: Minimum amount of $25 to one or more exhibitors.

Processing & Payment

All livestock will be processed at the University of Arizona’s state of the art, USDA inspected harvesting and processing facilities. After you have completed purchasing at the auction, please proceed to the University of Arizona’s processing table to complete your custom processing instructions. You will be contacted by NAJLA to notify you of the delivery date and location, approximately three weeks after the auction.

Payment  Payment options include cash, check or credit card (3% transaction fees). Payment is due in full by the end of the auction.

Are you a First-time Buyer?

We want to thank you for your interest in the Northern Arizona Junior Livestock Auction. If you’re interested in becoming a buyer at our auction or have any questions before you become a buyer, please contact:

Sherri Brendel, President   (928) 853-7661

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